About Us

We are a professional team based at the Yingke Law Firm, dedicated to providing legal services in the areas of financial investment banking and corporate law for clients in both China and overseas. Our main focus is to offer professional legal services to domestic and international clients in areas such as capital securities and compliance (PE/VC funds, M&A, IPOs and refinancing, securitie compliance guidance), cross-border transactions and wealth management, and resolution of financial and commercial disputes. The key members of our team have graduated from renowned law schools both domestically and internationally, with many attorneys having work experience in overseas law firms or studying at prestigious overseas institutions. The core members possess a comprehensive background in legal, tax, finance, and have extensive practical experience, making us an innovative and versatile legal team in the field of corporate financial law.
TEAM SPIRITRectify your heart and be sincere, investigate things to acquire knowledge, apply what you have learned in practical pursuits for the benefit of the world.
CORE VALUES: Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, and Sharing.
CORE INDUSTRY: Energy and Dual Carbon, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Aviation and Aerospace, Life Sciences and Healthcare.